Ethics of Blogging

The ethics of blogging can get a bit tricky, so it’s important to now exactly what we are against to and how to deal with our posts.

However bit of common sense and some research and we can build the basic ethics of blogging from following;

  • don’t break the law – that should be an obvious rule – don’t post anything that is not legal or that is against the basic laws
  • no bullying or attacking of individuals – this happens pretty often when the readers are leaving hurtful comments, attacking the others. Just as in our normal life – not cool to do
  • be considerate about the others, their rights and their reputation before you post something that might affect somebody else
  • originality – provide the original context and material that will be interesting to readers
  • arguments backed up – if you create an accusation or argument, be prepared to back it up with facts


There are more ethic basics that could be found for example on this page:



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