My Media Use – day 1

As of today, (Friday March 24, 2017) I will be recording my media usage on daily basis for the period of one week.

This is to show much I do or don’t use media every day.

I wouldn’t say that my usage is very high as I don’t use a Twitter, Snapchat or other applications.
However, there is still a large number of websites and applications I would visit frequently, often even more than once a day.


So for today it is as follow:

iCalendar – I put all my meetings and classes to the calendar

Notes – the notes from the Apple, probably the most used application, I write everything in those notes – things to do, create, buy etc.

Facebook – of course, Facebook is often used application, scrolling through the feed, seeing others posts, commenting and liking

Messenger – this application I also use a lot to communicate with my friends in Australia as well as overseas. Also used a lot for the group work for classes

WhatsApp – phone call to my sister that lives back in Europe


That’s all for the day !


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