Analysis blog entry # 1 – EVIDENCE

Using the media usage exercise was very interesting and I found the results to be surprising.
From what I have seen about my media usage, I usually use the same platform every single day, mostly: Mail, Notes, Weather, Facebook, Instagram and others.

I would definitely think that my media usage is not as high as others might have since I don’t use platforms such as Twitter, Tinder, Snapchat and others.


I try to use media for practical use only, with the only exceptions of Facebook and Instagram, which I guess I use for scrolling and when I am bored or waiting for something.
Most of my media usage comes from my phone, which makes it super easy to access all the important and favorite applications and sites that I would need in my daily routine.


I tried to keep the description of my usage pretty simple and straight as I don’t want to be publishing the exact details of my media usage publicly online…


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