Analysis blog entry # 2 – REFLECTING ON THE REFLECTION

At the beginning of this exercise I thought that my media use would be so little so that I will not be able to record much – almost nothing as I was pretty sure I don’t use media as much on daily basis. However this has changed once I started to record my use.

I have to admit that in my original thought I totally forgotten about media such as news, weather channels, music and movie channels and others that I never consider that they would belong in to this category of media use.

But they do and I still use them a lot, and almost in the same order everyday – start with the weather, check the train, scroll through Instagram or Facebook, use media for university work and assignments, watch a tv show at night, scroll one more time through the social media before falling a sleep.

Yep, maybe I have an addiction to it as well but just wasn’t ready to admit it !


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