Analysis blog entry # 3 – REFLECTING ON THE REFLECTION

I think I will need to conduct a further research and readings to get enough foundation for my essay and to have enough academic based information that I will be able to use to back my essay arguments or statements. I would like to expand my opinions and ideas that I already mentioned in my last two analyses.

I think that I will be focusing my essay on the copyright content; it’s basic use and the detailed information on how it often gets used or misused.

I would like to also focus on how the media has been used, how often and under what circumstances – based on my personal usage that I have been monitoring for past a week and which gave me a better understanding on what specific times of the day I was using media, what kind and why – for example the “Weather” media applications usually are used in the morning to see what the weather will be like for the whole day (this gives us the advantage of dressing up correctly) and so on.
I am prepared to do more research and find out enough information to make my essay interesting and based on a good, solid facts.


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